The magical, soothing harp is an enchanting addition to weddings. Ed has been providing beautiful harp music for weddings for over ten years. He can provide music for the entire service, including the processionals and recessional, or just for specific segments, as required.

Music: Ed has an extensive repertoire of appropriate wedding music. Ordinarily, he meets with the couple beforehand so they can make the selections. If desired, Ed is happy to make the selections himself. Couples may also choose to select music from Ed's harp CDs: Weaving the Wind and One Star Awake.

To set the mood, Ed usually begins playing about a half hour before the service begins. He can then play the bridal party and brides's processionals (the music is original, written especially for weddings), during the signing of the register, and for the recessional. He is also happy to provide any additional music the couple may want - during the lighting of the unity candle etc.

Technical Requirements: For optimal sound it's best to play through the church's P.A. system. It's important that the microphone is free-standing, i.e., it can reach the harp strings. Microphones embedded in lecterns are clearly not appropriate. Most churches, however, have microphones on "goose-necks" or "booms", which work well for the harp. Some churches have cordless mikes. It's important to check on amplification before the big day. In rare cases, some small churches may not require any amplification.

Rehearsal: Ed does not ordinarily attend the rehearsal. However, the area where he will play should be decided at the rehearsal, and the microphone requirements (mentioned above) should also be addressed.

Receptions: Because receptions are usually noisy, crowded affairs where the harp tends to get lost, Ed does not ordinarily play for receptions. He will, however, occasionally play for small, intimate receptions. Cost depends on the time involved.

Cost: The basic cost is $350 for wedding services taking place in the immediate St. John's area. The cost is the same no matter how much music is required. There will be an additional charge for travel outside St. John's. A deposit of $175 is required at the time of booking.

Ed Kavanagh, Mount Pearl, NL, Canada    Phone: 709-364-6386   email