Amanda Greenleaf : The Complete Adventures

A one-volume edition of the popular Amanda Greenleaf children’s stories. Includes Amanda Greenleaf Visits a Distant Star, The Spell of the Water Witch, The Boy Magician, and, published here for the first time, the concluding story The Journey Home. These lyrical fantasies deal with themes of friendship, the beauty of Nature, and the necessity of following your heart. With a colourful cast that includes a magic dragonfly, a wise-cracking trout, merpeople, fairies, and magicians, Amanda Greenleaf: The Complete Adventures is sure to captivate and delight.

“In this novel, Ed Kavanagh makes use of a series of intriguing fantasies to convey a universal message. By following our hearts, not our egos, we can connect with the natural harmony of the universe to create everlasting love, friendship and peace. Most significantly, through effortlessly intertwining character, action, mood, symbolism and imagery, he relays this message most convincingly to young children. The sensitive pencil drawings of Janice Udell also complement and supplement this whole process most effectively, making it even more meaningful and appealing to young readers. As separate entities, the first three parts of this novel have proven to be most popular. Thousands of young school children have read them and/or have seen their stage productions. Unifying these classics in a revised volume and adding a final story to bring the series to a satisfactory close make this work of art nothing short of a masterpiece.”

——Judges’ comments, Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards

"The combination of action and intriguing characters in a novel with a distinctly moral cast is reminiscent of L’Engle, or perhaps even Le Guin, though for a younger set; and that is high praise.”

— Canadian Children’s Literature
“ . . . unpredictable and sometimes hilarious adventures . . . Aimed at a young audience, Kavanagh’s pacifist message is effortlessly relayed with a dollop of magic . . . appropriately illustrated by Janice Udell’s sensitive pencil drawings.”
— Books in Canada

“Adults who read Kingsley’s The Water Babies and Andersen’s The Little Mermaid will find several points of similarity between these water worlds and Kavanagh’s setting. Unlike Kingsley and Andersen, however, Kavanagh has written a crisp, lively adventure without the wordy descriptions and ponderous dialogues which keep many classics on the shelf . . . Highly recommended for grades two to five.”

— The Reviewing Librarian

Reading Level: 8 and up
King Aquelle Matthew Queen Leila
Three illustrations by Janice Udell from Amanda Greenleaf: The Complete Adventures
(from left to right: King Aquelle, Matthew and Queen Leila).

The following books are out of print, but are included with
Amanda Greenleaf: The Complete Adventures.

Amanda Greenleaf Visits a Distant Star

"A welcome addition to children's literature."
— The Newfoundland Herald
"An intriguing fantasy for children . . .one of the most delightful stories I've read in a long time."
— The Evening Telegram

Amanda Greenleaf and the Spell of the Water Witch
"Crisp, lively adventure . . . highly recommended for grades two to five."
— The Reviewing Librarian
"Kavanagh deals with moral issues in a context which allows the reader's imagination the pleasure of the freedom to explore new territory."
— The Evening Telegram
"Kavanagh has a delightful knack for weaving a story that is at once suspenseful, adventuresome, and exciting."
— The Newfoundland Herald

Amanda Greenleaf and the Boy Magician

"Ed Kavanagh has done it again! . . . another great story of Amanda Greenleaf . . . an enjoyable story for grades three to four, enlivened by Janice Udell's fine illustrations . . . Recommended."
— CM In Search of Canadian Materials
"Children in the primary grades will welcome the third in Ed Kavanagh's Amanda Greenleaf series . . . unpredictable and sometimes hilarious adventures . . . Aimed at a young audience, Kavanagh's pacifist message is effortlessly relayed with a dollop of magic . . . appropriately illustrated by Janice Udell's sensitive pencil drawings."
—Books in Canada
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