Alison Gross and Other Wickedly Wonderful Songs

Alison Gross and Other Wickedly Wonderful Songs was originally released only on cassette.
Ed can now supply a CD containing all nine tracks.
The CD costs just $10 plus shipping. Contact Ed for more information.

Ed's CD and cassette of children's songs features a song about Amanda Greenleaf as well as eight other selections.

Track Samples (mp3): 

Alison Gross  Macaroni and Cheese The Beautity of the Park  Rumpelstiltskin   Amanda Greenleaf's Waterfall  

Gather Round the Fire (Storytime)   Brand New Book    Wicked Willy    Caught in the Rain

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Janet McNaughton
From The Sunday Express: St. John's (1990)

". . . Local musician and author Ed Kavanagh turns his talents to children's music with the release of Alison Gross and Other Wickedly Wonderful Songs. Kavanagh, author of the Amanda Greenleaf books, accompanies himself on guitar and sings in a pleasant tenor voice. Geoff Panting's synthesizer adds creative and comic touches, and sound effects of a thunderstorm, a waterfall and the howling wind are used to good effect in three pieces.

Kavanagh's work is quietly humorous. I found this a welcome relief from the frenetic energy of so much children's music. The title song Alison Gross is just scary enough and Macaroni and Cheese is a great sing-a-long. Caught in the Rain is a guitar instrumental reminiscent of early Bruce Cockburn. This was especially gratifying to hear, since children love instrumental music but it is seldom offered to them. Alison Gross is worth owning . . . "

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